Claire Schneider tissage laine
Tissage fil d'or, papier et lin
Tissage papier journal et laine


DE management of works and exhibitions 
Beaux arts of Nîmes and CRAC of Sète

Exhibition "From the mountains to the sea"
- Silk Museum of Saint Hippolyte du Fort (30)
- Theater of Ganges (34)

Creation of the association "Tisseuse de liens".

Its aim is to support artistic creation, the implementation of territorial projects, the accompaniment of visual artists, the organization and curating of exhibitions.  It is also involved in textile art events.


Trip to Indonesia to study Ikat weaving. Work in a women's workshop on the island of Flores.

Obtaining a license in VAE:

"Professions of mediation through artistic and cultural approaches". 

Installation of my studio in Sète (34).
1995 / 2018
• Artistic textile work (unique pieces) and participation in Art exhibitions in France.
• Creation of a weaving studio in the Cévennes. (30).
• Offering textile training in my studio.
Director of “La Filature du Mazel,” an artistic and cultural factory in Notre Dame de la Rouvière (30).
Lecturer at the Aubusson School of Applied Arts (23) on the ikat technique.
Dyeing course at the Pinton studios in Felletin (23).
Obtaining a grant from the French Ministry of Culture for the study of the ikat technique in a “Weaver’s service center” governmental workshop in Hyderabad, India.
• Study trip to India on the ikat weaving technique in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
• Meeting with the “Institute of Design” school in Ahmedabad.
• Meeting with the “People Tree” collective in Delhi.
Study tour of Kashmir weaving in India.
1988 / 92        
Free-Lance work making samples for industry.
Study trip to Rajasthan, study of miniature silk painting in India.
1985 / 86        
Atelier National d’art textile de Paris, sample weaving for industry.
1982 / 84         
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries textiles in Lyon (69), weaving on Jacquard looms.