Travail de recherche des armures (points en tissage)
Ourdissage de la chaîne à tisser
Tissage sur métier électronique


MY STUDIO … my cocoon.
I search, I touch, I embrace the journey.
I sample, I trick, I practice.
Colors and materials shape my world.
 From the drawing to the loom, the piece comes to life.
The patterns arise from my moving encounters with the thread.
Canvas stitches, twill, satin, weave, warp and weft do the rest. 

I start with a sample loom then progress to the modernity of a 24-frame electronic loom, from the warping of the line to its assembly on the loom, the threading in the heddles according to an order defined by the chosen weaves.

Finesse and patience … my unfailing allies on the path toward completion.